3rd SeqAn Workshop call
Sunday, 08 May 2011 12:48

Call for participation in 3rd SeqAn workshop (www.seqan.de <http://www.seqan.de>), which will be in the week from September 12. to 16. 2011 in Berlin, Germany (exact dates, venue and more info will follow soon).

The content of the workshop will be:

  • Overview of new features in SeqAn 1.3 (new repository structure, tests, functional extensions, etc.)
  • Tutorials for new and advanced users
  • Tutorials of how to write your own SeqAn modules and contribute them (How to become a SeqAn developer)
  • Plans for the parallelization of SeqAn (with a presentation of *Convey Computers*)
  • Plans about SeqAn tool integration into workflow engines *(e.g. KNIME)*



  • What do users wish in terms of functionality and infrastructure in current and planned projects.
  • Case Studies: Overview of successful projects using SeqAn (from the SeqAn group and external users) and discussion about the experience.


Discussions (this list will be dynamic and depend on your feedback):


  • How can SeqAn functionally be advanced to meet tomorrows needs for sequence analysis? (Metagenomics, Genome comparison, Variant analysis, etc.)
  • Algorithm engineering meets clinical problems: What are the algorithms/implementations/infrastructure needed for analyzing data in a clinical context?
  • ?

The workshop will also have breakout sessions for ongoing projects, most notably the DFG SPP 1307 "Algorithm engineering" and (most likely) the BMBF VIP project "BioStore".

Please forward this invitation to interested members of your groups or colleagues and mark the dates.

Up-to-date information can be found under https://www.mi.fu-berlin.de/w/ABI/SeqAnRetreat2011

Please drop us a short line under This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it about HOW MANY people of your group might come. (THIS IS FOR PLANNING PURPOSES and does not imply any commitment from your side).


I am hoping that you can find time to join us in late summer in Berlin.

Knut Reinert and the SeqAn team.