Simple and Fast Implementation of Exact Optimization Algorithms with SCIL



Prof. Dr. Ernst Althaus; Universität Mainz
Prof. Dr. Christoph Buchheim; Technische Universität Dortmund


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SCIL is a software that allows a simple implementation of exact algorithms for difficult optimization problems. It is based on efficient Branch-and-Cut procedures, but compared to other approaches it also supports symbolic constraints instead of linear inequalities.

The project's goal is further development of SCIL. We focus on the integration of new separation methods that will lead to a considerable speedup and to the development of new modelling possibilities. An important point is the ability to use polynomial objective functions and logic constraints. Moreover SCIL should be extended such that numerically exact optimal solutions could be computed - an important feature, e.g., for automatic verification of hybrid systems.

In order to ensure a practice-oriented development, another part of the project focuses on solving difficult practical optimization problems that are particularly well suited as applications for SCIL.








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