An Empirical Analysis of Robustness Concepts for Timetabling

Research Area: Robust Optimization Algorithms Year: 2010
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Authors: Marc Goerigk; Anita Schöbel
Editor: Thomas Erlebach and Marco Lübbecke Volume: 14
Book title: Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Algorithmic Approaches for Transportation Modelling, Optimization, and Systems
Series: OpenAccess Series in Informatics (OASIcs) Pages: 100-113
Address: Dagstuhl, Germany
ISBN: 978-3-939897-20-0 ISSN: 2190-6807
Calculating timetables that are insensitive to disturbances has drawn considerable research efforts due to its practical importance on the one hand and its hard tractability by classical robustness concepts on the other hand. Many different robustness concepts for timetabling have been suggested in the literature, some of them very recently. In this paper we compare such concepts on real-world instances. We also introduce a new approach that is generically applicable to any robustness problem. Nevertheless it is able to adapt the special characteristics of the respective problem structure and hence generates solutions that fit to the needs of the respective problem.
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