Workshop on SAT Solving

24.02.2011 - 25.02.2011

The Satisfiability problem (SAT) is a very famous problem in computer science. On the one hand the NP-completeness of SAT is often used to prove the complexity of other computer theoretical problems. On the other hand SAT is known to be tractable for some kinds of SAT problems stemming from real world applications. Both, researchers and users besides academics steadily increase the number of applications for SAT solving.


Aim of this workshop

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers that work at different areas of computer science. The areas may be more or less related to SAT. The workshop will be organized as an Open-Problem workshop. So the schedule will reserve the most time for working together in small teams. However, there will also be some talks.
All participants should provide an open problem somehow related (closer or further) to SAT. Some ideas for topics and open problems may include but are not limited to:

  • Transforming problems from your research area to SAT
  • Practical applications of SAT solving
  • Alternative SAT solving approaches
  • Theoretical analysis of SAT
  • Problem encodings - SAT, Pseudo Boolean, CP
  • Problem specific simplification